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To us, the term ‘branding’ covers many areas: overall brand strategy, brand identity, company or product naming, brand architecture, brand guidelines, and brand activation.
If your organisation were a person, who would they be?

Brand Strategy – The essence of who you are and where you are going.Brand Identity – How you are dressed. This is the face of your brand, and includes your logo, typefaces, visual communication, verbal communication, and even the colours you use.Naming – Incredibly important to get right, especially if you are operating in the global market. A good name is the backbone to a brand, and we’ve come up with some strong ones in our time.
Brand Architecture – Think of this as being like the relationship between family members; it should work harmoniously, but can get a bit confusing if you have a big family. If you’re organisation has several brands under one roof, then this is an important area to look at.Brand Guidelines – This ensures consistency throughout your brand, putting in place guidelines for: tone of voice, colour, typography, and visual communication.Brand Activation – Perhaps the most important element of your brand, and what was traditionally known as ‘delivering the goods’. Are you who you say you are?

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